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Finding the right contractor for you

Chances are you or someone close to you knows a contractor, someone who will work with you to remodel that sea foam coloured powder room. Finding a contractor is not difficult; but finding the right contractor for you is the key.

Chances are, you will be spending time with this individual and his or her associates so, like any relationship, you need to nurture one that is going to work for both parties.

The number one complaint against contractors? They do not respond promptly to calls, emails or texts. That can be frustrating. However, that’s a two way street; if you decide to discuss every single thought that enters your mind while the project is underway and inundate your contractor to the point where they appear to be avoiding you, this may be a situation of your own design.

Dial things down and be reasonable.

Resources abound for finding a suitable contractor. Educate yourself and do not rush into anything. Go through the Yellow Pages. Browse online. And even look for signs in your neighbourhood where an addition is being built, for example. If an individual has been recommended, meet with them. Ask for references – and check them out. Do they have specific licenses, proof of liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation? Remember, if they do not have worker’s comp and there is an accident on your site, you may be liable!

Once you settle on a contractor, draw up a simple agreement including a working estimate of time required and a payment plan. Remember you have the option of holding back a percentage of the project’s cost until 30 – 60 days after completion. Usually this is incentive enough for a reputable organization to deal with deficiencies in a timely manner. Will they offer a warranty?

Once the project commences meet regularly with your contractor. Discuss any issues or problems in a timely manner. Listen to their questions.

Excellent and professional contractors rely on referrals and existing customers for repeat business. Mary Bateman has a rolodex full of licensed contractors and would be happy to share with you. Call her at 705-722-7100.

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