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Know your fire extinguisher A-B-Cs

Hopefully you have never experienced a fire of any substance within your home; and thankfully that will continue to be the case.

But in the event that you did experience a fire, would you know what to do?

Were you aware in homes that there are three different types of extinguisher available and they are classified as A, B or C? A is colour coded green. B is red and C is blue.

To be clear, A or green extinguishers are best for fires that may have originated with paper or wood. B or red designated are effective for kitchen grease, gasoline, oil and generally highly flammable liquids. C or blue extinguisher is best for electrical or wiring fires.

Some houses will have different extinguishers available in different areas. But these days it is feasible to purchase an extinguisher that is rated as A-B-C – suitable for almost every type of small fire that might occur within a home. Then you have the added confusion of whether the extinguisher(s) chosen are air pressure water, dry chemical or even CO2. Talk with your local fire department or even a resource like Mary Bateman.

Fire extinguishers should be installed where the potential fire risk is greatest. A multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher should be installed in the kitchen, laundry room, workshop, garage and the top of the basement stairwell in the home. Always ensure that all extinguishers are in a visible location but out of the way of children. The best location in most situations is just inside a door or entrance. Use provided mounting brackets and attempt to avoid locating an extinguisher right next to where a fire could develop. Smoke, heat or flames from a fire may prevent you from reaching the extinguisher.

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